If you are like me, you work off of a laptop, perhaps a desktop at home, the office, a smartphone, or sometimes even on the tablet.

While having different devices to work on can be convenient in a way, as you start jotting down ideas or brainstorm to-do items, you will have to somehow transfer it from one device to another. Therein lies the problem.

If you don’t have a workable system for this, you will end up having scattered pieces of information and just when you need it the most, say while on your laptop, you may realize that you last saved it on your desktop at home, and did not transfer it or upload it somewhere, and now you are stuck without that piece of information when you most need it!

Post-It! work by We Need team

Post-It! work by We Need team (Photo credit: Aleksi Aaltonen)

Now there are some free solutions to this problem. I will go through some possibilities and then share my favorite. Essentially, the solution to to save it in the “cloud”. If you are not familiar with this, basically cloud refers to saving your work on the internet rather than your local device’s storage.

Some of the free ways to save to cloud are:
1) Save texts in an email draft on a web-based email service like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.
2) Use Google Docs or Google Drive (just sign up for a free google account if you don’t already have one), and you can have a choice of spreadsheet, Word doc, etc. These documents ultimately is stored on your Google Drive. Kind of like an online hard drive.
3) Use Google Keep, which is a plug-in or actually a Google Chrome App that can run even when Chrome is not running, and it is basically a desktop post it that can show up on all of your devices.

I started using #1 in the beginning. While it worked I was limited to an email draft and frankly it was the ghetto way to do it and didn’t look too pretty. As I got more professional about it, I began using #2, which is Google Docs so that I have the choice of using Excel/spreadsheet and Word Docs. This is great if you are tracking something on a spreadsheet.

Now a days, since I want a bird eye-view of everything right on my desktop, without having to actually go to a browser and open some file, I’ve started to use #3 which is Google Keep. This app/widget type of tool shows up on my desktop, my laptop, my Android phone, my tablet, and whenever change is made on one, it automatically updates via cloud and updates on all of the devices. With this I don’t miss a beat.

One tip with Google Keep is to make sure if you have changed data from one device, and you move to another device with Google Keep already open, you might want to close Google Keep and re-open it on the 2nd device just to make sure it loads the latest data.

There you have it. Completely free way to increase productivity by centralizing your thoughts, to do list, and just about anything across all of your devices. Have fun with it and be sure to comment with your own ideas on this.

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No more Keywordluv or do follow!

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Due to constant spam attempts experienced in the past few weeks using up crazy amount of bandwidth, slowing the server down to the point where the site is not even usable, we have decided to turn off Keyword luv and comment follow plugins.

We will be monitoring this server overload situation and if warranted in the future, we will consider turning do-follow type of plugins back on. Thanks for understanding. A site that doesn’t load is useless regardless what type of backlinks it can give!

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