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Internet Marketing entrepreneurs know that back-links are very important to help their sites’ rankings after adding content of some quality and uniqueness as Google loves. So yes its true, this site, my site, Personal Development Mastery and Home Based Success blog is using that wonderful plugin which allows people to add a Do-Follow back-linkto their site and the link of their latest blog post leaving the option of enabling the Comment Luv. Its a great technique by means of Search Engine Optimization

As I stated from the start any questions and comments are appreciated and I always answer to the ones I see that there is something there except the desire to get an easy back-link.

One of the most famous terms for someone to search for your site to comment on is this: This site uses KeywordLuv. enter your name@ keywords“. Beautiful! Lot of spam is received though and I know that this is inevitable but that is why the settings of  WordPress exist, to give the site owners control to run their websites the way they want. You decide what course you will take to administrate and control the content published through the comments on your website. For this particular site, I’ve set the feature to turn your comments into do-follow when you have three approved comments. So go on and leave some thoughtful comments (preferably at different times), and when you hit 3, your links will automatically have the nofollow removed. Fair enough?

CommentLuv is another plugin, which can be used in addition to Keywordluv to gain backlinks to the latest blog post (with the anchor text being the post title of that most recent post) on your wordpress site (if you happen to have one). After careful consideration, I’ve found that having the Keywordluv plugin is more than sufficient and keeps it simple.

Commentluv uses your most recent blog post title as anchor text, which is not as precise as what you get from Keywordluv’s precise anchor text. And given the fact that having more than one backlink from a page has diminishing effectiveness, why not just use one and do it well? That is my line of reason for it. I believe it’s good for everyone. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think! – Andy


  1. Thanks for using keyword luv. These wordpress plugins are fabulous. What more obvious way to reward commentors on your website than giving them a link. Thanks again, and excellent blog.

  2. Thanks for using comment luv. These wordpress plugins are remarkable. What better way to reward commentors on your site than delivering them a link. Thanks again, and nice blog.

  3. I found more and more blogs using keywordluv and the results are clear and people like to comment on those so, I think it really works.

  4. Thank you for sharing your articles, this kind of articles are formal clear and using keywordluv is great.

  5. I want to commend you for allowing the keyword luv to be added to your blog. It is truly adding value to your visitors. I have done testing with and without keyword luv. Many will dispute that visitors from keyword luv are only at your site to drop a link.

    I have to disagree. People may start looking solely for the kind blogs that offer this plug-in but when you offer true content, as this blog does, bloggers can build more relationships and have long and loyal blog visitors. Loyalty with your visitors is important. The Keyword plugin can be a great way to accomplishing loyal blog followers.

    Thank you for being one of those strong bloggers that add this plugin to create a good community of networkers.


  6. Thank you for your comment Megan, yes KeyworlLuv is a challenge and a great opportunity for commentators as well as a traffic source for any blogger. Thank God with or without the plugin, we always have the option to approve and disapprove comments by preference so its really fine by me :).

    I am so content with my Personal Development contribution to the online world community of bloggers, and I am always happy and satisfied to read your comments and approve only the ones which add value to my blog.

    Again thank you.


  7. Sydney says:

    Thanks so much for the info, I just started my blog and I’m trying to learn as much about promoting it and avoiding spammy comments as I can learn online and for free too.

  8. Uzi Nutt says:

    I really like the keywordluv plugin, I think if people are spending their time to write useful comments then they deserve a back link.

  9. Keywordluv plugin is great! it is simple but beautiful… Thank you for sharing us your informative article.

  10. I’ve worked as web developer also and most of my client requested to install a keywordluv plugin on their site. No wonder why because a lot of people found that this plugin is very useful.

  11. Those commenting in blogs like this are obviously trying to boost their search engine rankings. This is the reason why “KeywordLuv” plug-in was built anyway.

    Having the control whether to approve or not depends on the blog owner. In summary, using this plug-in is of mutual benefit to the commenter and blog owner.

  12. The Keyword plugin can be a great way to accomplishing loyal blog followers. I am really amazed by your creativity to have come up with a post like this. Thank you for sharing us….

  13. I would like to add the following to the conversation. First I would recommend people put a link from one of their sites to the blog page where their comment is posted. One this will make sure the particular page stays indexed in Google and in addition it will increase the weight (page rank) of the page, making the link coming back to your site more valuable. If more people would follow this philosophy it would benefit everyone.

  14. Get a N8 mobile phone says:

    This is a superb bit of an information shared by you guys…Just to add a little to it…Comment Luv and Keyword Luv encourages people to write about the blog in the form of comments and they are equally rewarded or at least given what they deserve to share their knowledge…

    Good job and will wait if any other blogs are posted here…

    Thanks for Sharing

  15. So that was it. I don’t really know about this. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I agree that you can pick up a lot of spam utililizing the Keyword Luv plugin on your website. However with that said… on the flip side…People who are leaving genuine remarks or comments related to the sites topics is a good way of creating relevant user generated content without much effort.

    Thus if a webmaster has a quality following user base as I would suspect that this site does, their receiving quality related content that the search engines adore.

    Just a thought…Mark

  17. For our last annual celebration we designed a new website for our corporate with the support of my team mates. The design was wonderful and eye catchy and we have added some quality information in our site. The higher officials were pleased with our design and complimented all of us. But I suddenly felt that our site missed something. Then I found out that our site was missing back links. Thank god, I informed this to my colleagues and we started creating back links for our website. We then added the plug-in and enabled the users to comment on our site with the right to have blog postings. Then we used a keyword to make comment which gained popularity overall and that is “This site uses keywordluv enter your name and keywords”. A wonderful experience for me and to my team mates to experience the internet marketing with fun. I personally learnt to have a successful business mind set and realized the present marketing strategy. Thanks to all the web admirers making myself and my team mates proud ever.

  18. Jo says:

    Thank you for you well thought comment, I appreciate it!

  19. study it!good job! welcome back my website!

  20. Jenny@Canberra Mums work from Home says:

    One way of gaining quality comments that will add more spice to the discussion is by using the Luv plug ins. Just make sure you have your Akismet plug in activated to filter spam comments.

  21. thanks for your increasing productivity techniques.

  22. lainaa says:

    KeywordLuv is very clever plugin. It’s the easy way to get more people to your site.

  23. All I can say is commentluv and keywordluv is really a big help in searching relevant blogs. How mush more on other form that uses also this plugins?
    Thanks a lot for sharing it to us. It is an additional information about the other uses of this plugins.

  24. Nona Mills says:

    I know over the last few years I have had to struggle with all four of these myths. Forgiveness is tough when you are hurt by a close family member. The important thing to remember is that forgiveness is more for you than it is the person you are forgiving. But even with forgiveness, there are consequences that must be dealt with, including the rebuilding of trust and respect if those things are lost by the hurt. I am finding it easier these days to let go of the hurt that happened to me. But rebuilding the relationships is a more difficult challenge, particularly when the other person doesn’t make the changes you would like to see in them. It takes time. Thanks for the post!

  25. You are right in saying “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” But in some contexts we do get a second chance just like when somebody made a foul in a game and all the contestants were asked to retake the competition. Most probably the winner would be some other person who got a better chance for the second time. 😛 but yes mostly, there is no question of the number two. But I am really thankful for the tips you gave us. I hope they reduce the fear in me whilst encountering a big panel of interviewers and even whilst partying in a pub.

  26. Most of the spammer become very happy when a site use comment luv, keywordluv or disqus. This blogs get spammed very quickly.

  27. I have been contemplating using keywordluv, but keep reading about the spam issue. I have a wordpress bog with the settings to filter out spam and I still get tons of it. Most goes to trash, but some still gets through. I think it’s just the nature of the beast, as mentioned above, Google and the other search engines place so much emphasis on inbound links that site owners simply must find some way to develop those links. This concept though is so good! As a blog owner, you get constant updates to your content, with only having to moderate the spam. No sitting down and developing your own. THAT is so worth it in my book. As a comentor, I get the backlink for posted a thoughtful comment that actually ads value to the host blog. That works perfectly! Well except for the spam. :)

  28. Many bloggers today really like these plugins,especially bloggers out there.It really useful to them.

    Just to say keep up your good work and more power to KeywordLuv!!

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