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Internet Marketing entrepreneurs know that back-links are very important to help their sites’ rankings after adding content of some quality and uniqueness as Google loves. So yes its true, this site, my site, Personal Development Mastery and Home Based Success blog is using that wonderful plugin which allows people to add a Do-Follow back-linkto their site and the link of their latest blog post leaving the option of enabling the Comment Luv. Its a great technique by means of Search Engine Optimization

As I stated from the start any questions and comments are appreciated and I always answer to the ones I see that there is something there except the desire to get an easy back-link.

One of the most famous terms for someone to search for your site to comment on is this: This site uses KeywordLuv. enter your name@ keywords“. Beautiful! Lot of spam is received though and I know that this is inevitable but that is why the settings of  WordPress exist, to give the site owners control to run their websites the way they want. You decide what course you will take to administrate and control the content published through the comments on your website. For this particular site, I’ve set the feature to turn your comments into do-follow when you have three approved comments. So go on and leave some thoughtful comments (preferably at different times), and when you hit 3, your links will automatically have the nofollow removed. Fair enough?

CommentLuv is another plugin, which can be used in addition to Keywordluv to gain backlinks to the latest blog post (with the anchor text being the post title of that most recent post) on your wordpress site (if you happen to have one). After careful consideration, I’ve found that having the Keywordluv plugin is more than sufficient and keeps it simple.

Commentluv uses your most recent blog post title as anchor text, which is not as precise as what you get from Keywordluv’s precise anchor text. And given the fact that having more than one backlink from a page has diminishing effectiveness, why not just use one and do it well? That is my line of reason for it. I believe it’s good for everyone. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think! – Andy

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