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Internet Marketing entrepreneurs know that back-links are very important to help their sites’ rankings after adding content of some quality and uniqueness as Google loves. So yes its true, this site, my site, Personal Development Mastery and Home Based Success blog is using that wonderful plugin which allows people to add a Do-Follow back-linkto their site and the link of their latest blog post leaving the option of enabling the Comment Luv. Its a great technique by means of Search Engine Optimization

As I stated from the start any questions and comments are appreciated and I always answer to the ones I see that there is something there except the desire to get an easy back-link.

One of the most famous terms for someone to search for your site to comment on is this: This site uses KeywordLuv. enter your name@ keywords“. Beautiful! Lot of spam is received though and I know that this is inevitable but that is why the settings of  WordPress exist, to give the site owners control to run their websites the way they want. You decide what course you will take to administrate and control the content published through the comments on your website. For this particular site, I’ve set the feature to turn your comments into do-follow when you have three approved comments. So go on and leave some thoughtful comments (preferably at different times), and when you hit 3, your links will automatically have the nofollow removed. Fair enough?

CommentLuv is another plugin, which can be used in addition to Keywordluv to gain backlinks to the latest blog post (with the anchor text being the post title of that most recent post) on your wordpress site (if you happen to have one). After careful consideration, I’ve found that having the Keywordluv plugin is more than sufficient and keeps it simple.

Commentluv uses your most recent blog post title as anchor text, which is not as precise as what you get from Keywordluv’s precise anchor text. And given the fact that having more than one backlink from a page has diminishing effectiveness, why not just use one and do it well? That is my line of reason for it. I believe it’s good for everyone. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think! – Andy


  1. CommentLuv is a plugin that is very useful. I love to visit blogs that have this plugin.

  2. I always like to do a quick burst of keywordluv backlinks followed by a good article then some more backlinks. Guaranteed to get you up those SERPs.

  3. I actually found your site using the “this stie uses keywordluv” search terms. I also use it on my site and you are right about getting a lot of spam. Stillm, every now and then you get some good comments. And there is a comment plugin that warns visitors not to spam if they came to your site using the “keywordluv” search terms.

  4. Homecare says:

    Keyword love helps us to get link to our website and also through this many people came to know about each other.

  5. Our new web designer has just scrapped our old business website in favour of a WordPress blog. At the moment we only have pages as I’m finding it a little daunting. He mentioned Keywordluv, Commentluv and Do-follow. I’m glad I found your site as it has helped me to better understand what he was talking about. It’s all a big learning curve at the moment..

  6. Well, I just learned of this about 10 min ago. I had never heard of a backlink before and you can tell by my website’s performance. Just kept wondering why my site would not appear in google. I don’t know if this will help or not with the rankings but we will see. I did find your post very intresting and informative to a newbie such as myself trying to learn.

  7. Great info Joanna i have thought about using this plugin myself but i was not sure if it would be able to help my rankings. Thanks for explaining.

  8. This is such a great one. And I love you because you use keywordLuv :)

  9. keyword luv I think is the best plugins even developed in the line of how to get a do follow backlink in a blog post. I think this is very effective specially when you get in your line of niche.

  10. I’ve been carrying out SEO on my website for several years but only came across the excellent KeywordLuv WP plugin earlier this morning. I think it’s worth pointing out that in the overall strategy of SEO, Google likes a good balance of Dofollow and Nofollow links. If they are all Dofollow, then it can look unnatural in Googles eyes and affect rankings. Just my two cents worth.

  11. Good points. Since the search engines seem to be looking for actual traffic, social/user interactions to determine ranking these days, I’d rather have extra activities on a site (even from things like KW luv),

  12. I use the askimet plugin on WordPress sites to help block some of the spam comments. Works pretty well. My golf blog on Blogger gets hit bad though.

  13. Joanna,

    How do you find keywordluv? Does it add to your traffic, or do what you allude to, and send you a bunch of spammy comments from people trying to get a free ride?

  14. Thanks for letting us know about this. Have you used the new paid version of comment luv?

  15. John says:

    One of the most famous terms for someone to search for your site to comment on is this: “This site uses KeywordLuv. enter your name@ keywords“.
    jogos de fazer pizza

  16. You bring up some good points, I do not currently use keywordluv, and I still get plenty of spam, so why not make them at least write something relevant for a backlink!

  17. andy says:

    A bit of both. So its your call to take the pros and the cons.

  18. I have used keyword luv for some time now. I agree with the others, and think is one of best plugins developed in getting those all important backlinks.

  19. The only downside, is that a keyword luv plugin will attract those who won’t even read the post, but simply want the backlink. So quantity as opposed to quality maybe.

  20. Keywordluv is a great plugin, it allows people to get backlinks they need for thier webpages and also people are more willing to contribute to a blog. I think it is important to moderate all comments or install a spam filter to stop all those spammers!

  21. Keyword Luv looks very clean and beneficial at the same time. It shows the niche of the people who comment while showing their name, and that doesn’t seem to be a bad thing. Much better than having the keywords as the name of the person. So it looks more normal that a person is commenting. I believe this results in better and well thought out comments as well, and entails the person to read the post before commenting blindly.

  22. This can be a great plugin when it’s used properly and not taken advantage of. It encourages comments and interactivity.

  23. Pc@ computer repair London says:

    This is a great plugin and helps bloggers control the amount of spam they receive while still rewarding people who are genuinely posting comments that ultimately help the blog gain popularity and exposure – the interactive social platform is a great idea and I can only see commentluv increasing the amount of user it has.

  24. I think keywordluv and commentluv are great tools. Nice idea to use the ’3 comments for dofollow’ rule. This should help keep the amount of comment spam down and increases the benefit to loyal readers. Thanks!

  25. Have you seen an increment in no. of comment on your blog after using Keyword luv? How’s your total experience and would you suggest Keyword luv or comment luv?

  26. Nicky says:

    This is a great plugin. I am using Keywordluv on my site, too I think it’s a great way to reward readers, these are great tools and as long as spam doesn’t get all that high, I would like to keep it on. But I am very uncertian to whether this will happen or not. Thanks for the post.

    All the best,
    Nicky @

  27. andy says:

    Yes, I now use KeywordLuv only for it’s sheer simplicity.

  28. Marie@avocat says:

    This is such a great one. And I love you because you use keywordLuv !!

  29. I have just installed a blog on my website and I have been considering using KeywordLuv, so this article has come at the right time.

  30. I love the concept. It ends up helping everybody.

  31. Awesome I was just looking around the net for a post explaining Keywordluv. I’m going to install it on my blog immediately and check my blog settings to make sure I get less spam. Thanks!

  32. phil says:

    im thinking of installing a blog this will come in handy using keywordluv

  33. What’s the difference between Commentluv and Keywordluv?
    Thanks for your tips!

  34. Do the 3 approved comments have to be for this post? Or I can comment on your other post?

  35. A very open post about the use of the keyword luv plugin, being new to backlinking and SEO I was confused how this plugin would help the site owner as i always thought it bennifited those looking for backlinks more. my biggest concern would be the amount of spam comments that would be put on the site. Can I ask what other plugins you use to deal with comment spam?

  36. You can use akismet, but that will generate a number of false positives. I have started using the Spam Free WordPress plugin, which seems to work great and does not generate falso positives. It merely makescommenters enter a captcha phrase before they post a comment.

  37. thank you so much mate for installing this useful plugin into your blog that will definitely help your blog commentators :)

  38. Keywordluv is very similar to Commentluv, but the webmaster has to enable the dofollow link and most webmasters don’t know that they have to do this. Thanks!

  39. Keywordluv is very similar to Commentluv but what most webmasters don’t know is that they have to enable the dofollow links. Thanks!

  40. KeywordLiv and CommentLuv are great for getting traffic and showing google some human activity which is now more crucial than ever, However, some of those sites are often spammed badly due to it.

  41. I agree with you. I don’t think having the comment luv plugin is all that great. I’ve never heard of this keyword luv or commenting luv though. Although, It sounds like keyword luv would be a good thing to use on my site (any site that wants more comments for that matter). However, I get a lot of spam from people on my site! I feel this would most likely only make it worse. Does anybody know a good plugin on wordpress.org that can filter spam well? I’m using one now but it isn’t very good.

  42. This is already a very popular plug-in. I am having hard time to understand all those spammers to spam with their useless comments and add bunch of links, etc. Some do not even bother to add their comments just bunch of links. At the end of the day they just waste their time.

  43. andy says:

    Yes, it’s total comments and can be for ANY of the many posts.

  44. It is a very good plugin. I have started using the Spam Free WordPress plugin, which seems to work great and does not generate false positives.

  45. @Jennifer. I know what you mean! I get so much spam, it really makes it difficult to go through it all. Somehow people get around the captcha with their automated comment programs. I don’t see the point in using things like that. How many of those comments even get through?

  46. @Tyson. Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve seen that plugin, but never tried it. I am going to go look that up right now on wordpress.

  47. i have used this plugin before and it really helped me many times to help branding my brand name with my own name so people can know that not only my brand but me with my brand are working togther on it!

  48. @Tyson. Thanks for the suggestion Tyson! That plugin works great for filtering spam. Its already filtered out 240 comments on my site! Now I may try using the comment luv plugin since spam free wordpress is making my life much easier.

  49. Keywordluv will be a nice plugin to reward commentors, specially 3 comment to make link to dofollow makes single commentors to comment more to get link juicy..

  50. The keywordluv plugin seems like a good plugin to use. I will defiantly look more into it for my site when we create our blog. Thanks!

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